How to Pick Baby Names for Twins That Transcend Time

How to Pick Baby Names for Twins That Transcend Time

How to Pick Baby Names for Twins That Transcend Time


The instance of multiple pregnancies, such as twins, has increased substantially over the last few decades. This is partly because more people are using IVF and other fertility treatments, but it's also because women are waiting longer before having kids. Eggs of older women are more likely to split, resulting in identical twins, or to be released in multiples, resulting in fraternal twins.


If you are pregnant or trying to conceive, it's never a bad idea to consider twin names. You never know when you'll get that special news that your pregnancy is double the joy.


Selecting the correct names for your twins can be more challenging than simply picking your top two name choices instead of just your top one. This is because you want to select twin names that sound good together as a pair. After all, your twins will be in each other's lives, and their names will often be used together as well.


Some people assume this means selecting twin names that start with the same letter, offering a bit of alliteration. An example is Alex and Alvin. Here, the names also have the same number of syllables, so there is symmetry.


However, the alliterative approach can come across as cheesy or tacky nowadays. More subtle themes are moving to the center stage instead. Themes such as colors, flowers, nature, moons, cities, or mythology can help guide your twin-name selection. This will give a satisfying unity to the name pair without being in your face and cutesy.


Rhyming Names is a Thing of the Past


The trend of naming your twins with names that rhyme with each other is past. No longer will you hear Frank and Hank. Nowadays, the emphasis is on providing each twin with a distinct personality.  


Follow a Theme


Here are a few selections for twin boys that are a variation on themes. Some of those names are definitely not traditional but are sure to make an impression!


Twin Boy Names


Onyx and Gray 

Atlas and Vance 

Trevi and Slate 

Odin and Callum 

Apollo and Ares

Caspian and Kai 

Axel and Zane 


These examples include a color theme (Onyx and Gray) and a mythology theme (Apollo and Ares). Additionally, there are names with symmetric syllables (Axel and Zane) and alliteration (Caspian and Kai).


For twin girls, themes of birds and flowers are popular. There is also high demand for more original names.


Twin Girl Names


Colette and Caitriona 

Seraphina and Ciel 

Adeline and Avery

Cadence and Lane 

Bleu and Capri 

Lilah and Ezri 

Cecily and Tyne 

Eden and Haven

Marguerite and Rose

Lilly and Daisy


Last, for pairs of boy/girl twins, names can be complimentary or gender-neutral. If the theme is nature, the girl's name could be based on a flower (Violet, Marigold, Rose), and the boy's name could be based on an animal or water (Colt, River, Bear).


Gender Neutral Twin Names


Zoe and Zane 

Dove and Cade 

Cove and Zion 

Marigold and Colt 

Calisto and River 

Cielo and Phoenix 

Wren and Brooks 


Finding the right pairing of names for your twins becomes more straightforward when you consider a subtle theme. Otherwise, you may end up with somewhat mismatched names that don't really fit well together.


As you will soon find out, naming the twins turned out to be the easiest thing to do in preparation for the twin arrivals.


Happy name hunting!





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