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Behind the scenes of a success story


Sophie is hand-made in France with two simple ingredients, 100% natural rubber and then painted with food-grade dye.  You know exactly what you’re giving your baby when you give them a Sophie.


The latex from the Hevea tree was first processed in 1928 using a technique called “vulcanization”, invented by Mr. Charles Goodyear.

The rubber used by Vulli comes exclusively from the Hevea trees growing in Malaysia. Each morning before the heat of the day settles in, the milky liquid that oozes from the cells beneath the bark is collected from these millions of Hevea trees. This liquid is known as “latex”.  It is natural, soft, elastic, waterproof, insulating and pleasant to the smell and touch.

This white-colored latex is taken straight from the Hevea trees and later poured right into our Sophie molds.


To create the little wonder that is Sophie la girafe, Vulli first heats the latex using a special process involving a technique called “rotomoulding” and then performs a series of 14 manual operations.  By staying true to our process, Sophie has maintained her longevity and remains a cherished classic.


Sophie La Girafe®

Even after more than 60 years, Sophie La Girafe hasn’t aged in the slightest. Since her birth in 1961, with widespread popularity, she still is genuinely loved by parent and child alike.

Sophie’s simple wonder has traveled from generation to generation, and will remain your child’s timeless friend.

Made from 100% natural rubber and decorated with food-dye, Sophie is the original all-natural teether!


Calisson Little Royals

It is love at first sight, touch, and feel—a lingering memory. 

Discover your favorite pieces from soft plaids, colorful London of Liberty bloomers, floral headbands, baby tie-front sweaters, handmade booties, and cuddly lovies.

Expect only the highest level of quality and comfort with our high-end manufacturing and exquisite materials. All of our materials are ethically sourced, environmentally-friendly, leaving the soft touch guilt-free.

Discover the world of Little Royals Collection, all lovingly handcrafted by the finest artisans in France and Italy. 


Pamplemousse Peluches

The Pamplemousse Peluches Collection is made in our little factory located in the French countryside. Comprised of a variety of plush toys and lovies, our cuddly creatures are handmade carefully by top artisans with an eye for detail.

With a difference you can see and feel, Pamplemousse Peluches features embroidered eyes, genuine London of Liberty prints, and hand-stitched embroidery. We’ve truly poured love into every detail. Each item is the perfect blend of classic luxury and the aw factor, to appeal to the young and old alike. 

We’ve chosen only the softest faux furs and fabrics to bring our precious plush brand to life.