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Still the same Sophie...


Even after more than 60 years, Sophie La Girafe hasn’t aged in the slightest.  Since her birth in 1961, Sophie has sold over 50 million units, and continues to be the undisputed star for babies around the world. With widespread popularity, she still is genuinely loved by parent and child alike.  Sophie’s simple wonder has traveled from generation to generation, and will remain your child’s timeless friend.

Detail is important to us. From our natural rubber material, design, user experience, and even introducing more eco-friendly packaging, we strive to make Sophie the obvious choice for your baby.

We wanted to create a product you can trust. That’s why our creation process has stayed the same since the genesis of our company. We do our absolute best to maintain transparency with what and who Sophie is, because we believe in providing only the best for our little ones.


Disclaimer: * Sophie products are toys and not medical devices.



Sophie La Girafe®

Even after more than 60 years, Sophie La Girafe hasn’t aged in the slightest. Since her birth in 1961, with widespread popularity, she still is genuinely loved by parent and child alike.

Sophie’s simple wonder has traveled from generation to generation, and will remain your child’s timeless friend.


Little Royals

It is a first sight, touch, and feel—a lingering memory. 

Discover soft plaids, colorful London of Liberty bloomers, floral headbands, baby tie-front sweaters, Fleur booties, leather booties, Luna winter boots, Bon Appétit dining plates, and sweet PanPan, an adorable plush bunny.

Expect unraveled quality and comfort: high-end manufacturing with exquisite materials, natural and soft fibers, pure wool certified complete innocuousness for the environment and our health, unique patterns, and beautiful details. 

Little ones' quality pieces lovingly handcrafted in France. 

Discover the world of Little Royals Collection, all lovingly handcrafted by the finest artisans in France and Italy. 



Bears, rabbits, dogs, mice, and elephants to fall in love with. Meet Pirouette the rabbit, Sophie the mouse, and many other irresistible new friends

The Pamplemousse Collection is made in our little factory located in the French countryside. It is comprised of  lovely  Dolls, Lovies, Plush, Rattles and Cuddlies, carefully handmade in France by top artisans with an eye for details. The Pamplemousse difference is embroidered eyes to our delicate London Liberty floral prints, we’ve poured love into every detail. Each item is the perfect blend of classic luxury and the awww factor to appeal to the little ones.  We’ve chosen the softest faux furs and fabrics to bring our precious plush brand to life.